AKAN-SEL Transportation has been active in Iraq since its foundation in 1981. Our business operations in Iraq has expended with increasing customer base and service range.

Our operations coordinated by headquarters in Erbil are supported by offices and agencies in Zakho, Sulaymaniyah, Kirkuk, Baghdad and Basrah provinces. We also provide storage and transfer services to our clients with our warehouses in Iraq.

AKAN-SEL provides services in the automotive sector which has been quite active in Iraq for the last few years and maintains its leading position. It transports many famous brands such as Nissan, Range Rover, Jaguar, Toyota, Ford, KIA to Iraq with its car carrier fleet. We also provide transportation services to distributors of brands such as Volvo and Doosan on heavy machinery.

Besides automotive, our company is specialized in petroleum, energy and construction project transportations in Iraq. We have completed important projects on iron-steel, petroleum pipeline, construction material transportation.

Also, providing services to many large corporations active in food and furniture sector in Iraq, our company has increased its market share in these sectors with new contracts.



Our group company AKMEL Construction Co. provides services in construction and outsourcing sectors.

Our company is providing subcontractor services for a power plant project which is being constructed by one of the leading energy companies and is one of the two major power plants that will be supplying the energy demand of Iraq.

In addition to construction projects, we provide equipment lease service such as cranes, manlift, machinery and truck at construction sites.



AKAN-SEL exports leading brands of Turkey to Iraqi market through its Iraq office and strategic partnerships. It carries out the marketing activities of many Turkish brands in the Iraqi market, mainly tomato paste, canned foods, jam, honey and pulses. In addition, we export furniture, construction materials and marble to Iraq.

We are acting as distributor of Adore Furniture in Iraq and supplier of Carrefour Erbil which is the first international chain store of Iraq. We have warehouses in Erbil, Zakho and Baghdad in order to provide services to furniture and construction material companies.